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Focus Reports / DPI Research

Focus Reports / DPI Research

Focus Reports are high-quality, high-probability trading ideas in real time with fully mapped-out risk/reward ratios, TIME stops, price stops, and targets.

We quantitatively identify technically robust individual securities/markets and put them through a rigorous technical profiling analysis.

We then apply our in-house expertise to enhance the results of our algorithm, incorporating additional data like analyst coverage, pertinent commodity prices, and relevant news events. Using these additional datapoints, we ensure that trades covered in our Focus Reports are both technically robust and well-informed on outside factors that may influence price action.

We refine our weekly signals to the day and seek to align individual trades with extremely probable macro trade ideas that are firing signals within a weekly/daily cycle coupled with an alignment of the volatility cycle. This thorough, multi-dimensional technical profiling gives our clients an extraordinary edge in managing positions and establishing new ones.

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