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Why Should You Consider DCH?

We use a set of comprehensive algorithmic tools which allow us to measure/monitor the market's TIME signature and price structure profile through Multiple TIME frames in order to unlock the markets quantitative framework.

"It's like seeing the market in 3D color vs. black and white." - Founder and CEO, Adam Lorraine

There are very few TIME-based financial models that can accurately and consistently predict high-probability, low-risk trading opportunities in advance. Therefore:

  • If you’re looking for a timing Edge in the markets
  • If you believe the measure of TIME in markets has merit
  • If you consider quantitative trading models viable, robust, and scalable
  • If you believe that the future of markets will be shaped by quantitative and algorithmic modeling

Then let DTA’s Dynamic Timing Edge™ become your risk-mitigating, expectation-managing, alpha-generating Edge on the market!

Timing is Everything

Dynamic Technical Advisors: DTA's Unique Approach

At Dynamic Technical Advisors, we provide a solution to the portfolio manager’s/trader’s dilemma by identifying:

  • The right assets to trade
  • In the right market
  • At the right time

and offer those insights to our clients in the form of either advisory or capital management services.

In today’s high frequency markets, information is processed by computers that can make informed buy/sell decisions in milliseconds. We level the playing field by using our proprietary technology to:

  • Measure price, TIME, and volatility data across numerous timeframes
  • Produce geometrical market forecasts
  • Determine optimal entry timing and position sizing for a given portfolio
  • Relay this information in real time both internally and to our advisory clients

In doing so, our algorithms bridge the gap between man and machine.

Typical quantitative models account for fundamental, economic, demographic, price, and volume data points. However, TIME analysis is continually overlooked. In the rare circumstance where TIME analysis is considered, it is viewed in linear terms and used only as a tertiary model input.

We believe that this is a mistake. Our firm has devised a method for empirically assessing the psychological dispositions of market participants as they evolve through TIME, then quantitatively projecting those measurements into high-probability market forecasts.

Over 20 years of continuous improvement processes and trading success have demonstrated to us that TIME series analysis should be a primary input in quantitative trading models. TIME progression is the only constant among market variables, thus making a keen understanding of TIME’s relationship to price and volatility essential in successful market forecasting.

Leveraging this insight, we set ourselves apart by providing a quantitative approach to technical analysis that profiles all of TIME, price, and volatility data into one dynamic model.

Our mantra at DCH is to “Mitigate Risk, Manage Market Expectations, and Generate Alpha.” Our service packages are designed to do exactly that.

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Adam Lorraine CEO & Chief Technical Strategist

Investment Advisor Representative – Series 7,63 & 65 Aegis Capital corp.

Experience: Over 25 years industry experience- considered an expert in Gann/Elliott wave/Fibonacci T/A theories-
Trading: Trading mentorship- by Scott Kaminski former direct trader to Paul Tudor Jones-
Author/Publisher of Daily Market Schematic- Daily Algorithmic T/A newsletter profiling the market risk, price structure & TIME signature based upon algorithmic/quantitative TIME, price, and volatility models.
Developer/Designer/Engineer of DTE- Dynamic Timing Edge – A proprietary TIME, price, and volatility algorithm incorporating natural law mathematics, Pythagorean theory, and astrophysics calculations.
PM/ Trader/ T-A SAC capital 2007-2010 *Documented 4% return 2008 vs. MKT return -50%
Broker /Advisor: Chairman’s Club – JW Charles/Genesis Securities 2000 (Multi-Million Dollar producer)

~My expertise is in studying/analyzing and forecasting US equity markets. By quantitatively analyzing the MKT's TIME signature, price structure, and monitoring/evaluating volatility through MTF’s, I am able to profile the market’s risk algorithmically and communicate this information to the clients I work with...
This allows my clients to better: ~Mitigate Risk- Manage Market Expectations- Generate Alpha~

Ownership Information

Adam Lorraine is the outright owner of both Dynamic Capital Holdings, LLC as well as the only partner in the Alpha Allegro Fund, LP. The reason for incorporation is to allow a grandfathering in of present legislation due to the apparent threat from increased regulation and legislation that the industry faces from Washington, D.C. These franchises, LPs, and LLCs are maintained privately for Adam Lorraine.

Quantitative Trading Internship

Our formula for success at DCH is to hire exceptional people, encourage their ideas and reward their results.

As a Quantitative Trading Analyst Intern, you will gain exposure to the dynamic worlds of trading and technology in order to learn what it takes to become a successful and sustainable trader.

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