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The Dynamic Timing Edge and DTA are the Edge you need in today’s dynamic markets.

Our Dynamic Model recognizes that TIME analysis is paramount in accurately forecasting market behavior. When we apply the Dynamic Timing Edge™, we can identify:

  • High probability inflection points
  • Surgically precise price location
  • Accurate volatility type profiles

The combination of these datapoints gives us an exceptional Edge for exploiting price inefficiencies in the marketplace. Factor in our Dynamic Allocation Model, which quantitatively adjusts for risk by accounting for available capital and volatility data, and you have a market-leading value proposition.

Manage Market Expectations
Daily Market Schematic™ (DMS)

The Daily Market Schematic™ is our daily technical newsletter designed to give portfolio managers and traders an actionable trading plan for the days ahead.

Weekly Market Schematic™ (WMS)

The Weekly Market Schematic™ provides institutional investors with a secular view of the market and details a tactical game plan for the week ahead, incorporating a quantitative edge powered by our proprietary algorithms.

Dynamic Market Analysis™ (DMA)

The Dynamic Market Analysis™ service provides sophisticated investors real-time market insights and updates to our Daily Market Schematic trading plan, delivered via e-mail.

Instant Messaging™ (IM)

Instant messaging *Coming soon-NOT YET available

2023 Dynamic Trade Thesis

Trade Thesis:

Today's markets have shifted in MANY ways from what we have been accustomed to over the last several years.

Quantitative easing and fiscal stimulus led all asset classes to rise (inflate) regardless of their “real” intrinsic value as a result of the surplus in the money supply.

Surplus money, coupled with runaway government spending and rudimentary government policies, has paved the way to the highest inflation rate in 40 years.

The unwinding of Q/E and monetary/fiscal stimulus, coupled with a combination of uncertainty and instability in the geopolitical climate has created a turbulent landscape that will affect the underpinnings of the entire financial system and change market dynamics, technically and structurally, for some time to come.

The recent HIGH volatility coupled with fluctuating sentiment, has created a challenging trade environment. We have shifted from a strong trending market to a relatively volatile market with wide swings in both directions. (binary risk)

Although we think the market’s structure, liquidity, and fluidity are still generally sound from a technical perspective, the opportunity vs. risk component has ballooned tremendously. This risk-reward imbalance calls today’s buy-and-hold strategies into question and puts traditional human-based trading models to the test.

Algorithmic trading accounts for around 60-73% of the overall United States equity trading. According to Select USA, the United States financial markets are the largest and most liquid in the world. *This is expected to grow 12% per year

We have developed a short-term trading program designed to mitigate several types of risk by utilizing a quantitative framework based upon a robust algorithmic model.

We incorporate timing, multiple timeframe (MTF) price structure symmetry, and an extensive framework of precision execution protocols to leverage and exploit short-term trading opportunities on an intraday basis (no overnight risk).

(Precise timing + MTF price symmetry) x leverage = low risk, high reward trading opportunities with higher than average return expectation profiles

Our combination of analysis tools, highly adaptive risk protocols, and trade execution management systems allow for an unprecedented edge in today’s uncertain markets.

We remove the emotion-psychological element of trading by adhering to our algorithmic signals and a quantitative framework coupled with a solid foundation of processes.

As such, we refine the decision-making process through a rigid rules-based trading engine in order to systematically automate much of the trading and risk management protocols.

Additionally, we employ a team-oriented approach for strategy implementation, execution, and management. We have a 2-man team that consists of a senior trader/partner-assisted by an intern/junior trader.

Incorporating a team segregates the daily process and allows for a check and balances system to ensure the strategy and systems are running optimally and efficiently while minimizing risks.

We can simultaneously train new traders for 3-6 months through our Internship/Jr. TraderProgram (3-6 months). *See quantitative trading internship via DCH website.

The attached outline will describe our methodology, strategy, model, framework, process, and general mechanics & protocols for our intraday trading program.


New Services

For any questions or more information on any of our products, services, and pricing, please get in touch through our Contact page or e-mail at

Dynamic Market Timing Indices

Designed to graphically represent the cumulative sum of timing signals for individual member constituents, from major global indices generated from 12 timeframes.

Dynamic Portfolio Benchmark

The Dynamic Portfolio Benchmarks are designed to graphically represent the real-time cumulative sum of timing signals generated from customer portfolios.

Dynamic Black Box Trading

Black Box trading will include the full suite of our Dynamic Timing Edge™ and its associated algorithmic tools, configured to operate across multiple timeframes in a user-defined universe.