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Alpha Allegro Fund™


Alpha Allegro represents an aggressively managed portfolio of quantitative models that leverage DCH/DTA’s advanced trading strategies and the Dynamic Timing Edge™. The fund invests in:

  • Domestic equities
  • International equities
  • Futures
  • And options

on both a long and short basis. The primary objective of the fund is to significantly outperform the major benchmark averages given any market conditions.

We employ 4 separate strategies in parallel, all of which incorporate our proprietary price, time, and volatility algorithmic models. Each uses different criteria to select its positions, yet all mandate:

  • Superior technical return expectations
  • Favorable risk/reward profiles
  • Precise forecasts for price inflection points

We also utilize a time-based tactical allocation model that adjusts allocation weighting and portfolio structure dynamically through time. This synthesis of strategies relies at its core on our high-frequency data processing capabilities, ensuring that we remain consistent with our trade mandates and risk management protocol at algorithmic speed.

With the days of buy and hold long behind us, we understand the challenges associated with proper due diligence in a fast-paced world. To that end, we employ substantial quantitative and qualitative research methods to ensure your satisfaction and our fund’s performance. We invite you to inquire as to the history of our success and become involved in an innovative methodology in reading, forecasting, and trading the markets.

We look forward to hearing from you via e-mail at, or through alternative methods available on our Contact page.