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Quantitative Trading Internship

Quantitative Trading Internship


Our formula for success at DCH is to hire exceptional people, encourage their ideas and reward their results.

As a Quantitative Trading Analyst Intern, you will gain exposure to the dynamic worlds of trading and technology in order to learn what it takes to become a successful and sustainable trader.

You will work on a small team to combine the disciplines of technology, research and risk management to identify optimal trading and investment strategies within an already proven strategy/framework through a series of project based assignments.

At the conclusion of 16 weeks, you will have the opportunity to present your results to senior leadership at DCH. While your days will have you engrossed with complex quantitative trading projects, your evenings will be spent reading, writing, designing your own ideas and building the framework for your own team.

How you will make an impact…

Collaborate with senior traders, technologists and quantitative researchers by developing and improving trading strategies by working directly on the trading desk.

Identify and research in the development of cutting-edge market research projects using powerful analytic tools.

Market research projects vary from macroeconomic data curation and analysis to application of machine learning techniques to market tick data for automated trading.

Be given immediate responsibility through assignments like position tracking, calculating risk, and analyzing vital theoretical values.
As well as Real time order entry and execution protocols.
Position management protocols.

What to expect during the internship

Meaningful projects:
Each project, advised by a Senior trader, promotes a comprehensive learning experience and provides you with real-world work experience
Real world trading/analytical experience in within different market environments and TIME frames.

Develop the skill set and knowledge based framework for how to develop well thought through ideas to investment theses to REAL TIME trading opportunity's.

Develop and fully comprehend the DCH/DTA framework utilizing the DTE- algorithmic model, deploying our set of analytical protocols, and implementing our trading model from position sizing TO risk management and position management.Learn and develop an entire framework of quantitative analytical skills in order to be a successful quantitative trader.

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